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How to Make Relationship Work

The man of your dreams, the love of your life , just walked out the door and you have no idea why.Somewhere between the main course and the dessert, he had a change of heart.

Although you had noticed a change in his demeanor over the last few months, you chalked it up to his stressful job and the long hours he spent at the office. He used to be such a positive person, but recently he had become extremely critical of everything you said and did. The man you knew, the happy-go-lucky individual you fell in love with, seemingly changed overnight. Suddenly, it felt as if you were living with a total stranger.

And then, with no explanation, he walked out the door, saying only that “it was over.” The following week, while you were at work, he came over and collected his things, and you haven’t heard from him since. You feel as if a part of you has died and that you’ll never heal because there has been no closure. You just cannot understand why he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, tell you the truth about why he left . Anything would be better than him just walking away with no explanation. After all, doesn’t he owe you at least that much?

Of course you continue to wrack your brain trying to understand what it is that you did to make him turn away from you. You promise yourself you won’t chase him, plead, beg or even contact him. However, after several days, you miss him so much that you just want to hear his voice, even if it’s just his voicemail message. But you can’t control your feelings and when you hear his message, you break down crying and beg him to call you. When he doesn’t call you back, you start calling his family and friends who seem nervous and won’t say much except that he’s okay and that he just needs some space. They tell you to be patient, yet waiting seems like the hardest thing to do.

What you need is a plan . Thankfully just such a plan exists and it’s available Here!. But you need to know that time is of the essence. If you wait too long, your relationship could be over for good and you’ll never know what might have been. You don’t have to just wait, when you could start your plan by clicking here. . .